About us

It is said that everything consists of a set of points. Creativity connects these innumerable points with lines

And our humanity connects us to each other. Point-Line helps execute our customers’ objectives for international exhibitions and trade through a creative, human approach.



Our all-inclusive support encompasses selecting events through dismantling exhibits. We leverage our years of expertise in advising and assisting you to ensure your success.

We enhance the attractiveness of your business with our impressive design, notably by creating compelling still imagery and movies that convey your message through impactful images and a memorable story. We also produce websites, focusing on simplicity and pin-pointing your message.

We help develop and promote your unique products and services overseas, as well as import niche products to the Japan market. We are uniquely positioned due to our vast connections within the international exhibition sector, which cover many different industries.

Exhibition Support & Trade Service

Exhibition Support & International Trade Support
We identify the purpose and the essence of the exhibition, and we approach the design accordingly. We provide complete and continual support before, during, and after the event. Our proposals are based on the needs of the customers and contents of your booth. We also support overseas promotional activities and international trade.